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How To Make & Use Respawn Anchor In Minecraft [Step-By-Step Guide]

As you know that the nether update is now live and it has a lot of new features and one of the coolest stuff that had come with it is respawn anchor.

This is really an amazing block because it allows you to set a spawn point in the nether.

A Respawn Anchor In Minecraft is crafted by placing crying obsidian in the first and third column and glow stone in the second column of the 3×3 Crafting table grid.

How To make and use respawn anchor in Minecraft

What Is A Respawn Anchor In Minecraft?

Let's understand it more deeply,

A respawn anchor is the same as the bed because when we click at the bed, the game automatically sets the rebirth point of that player/Steve at the bed which means that a person can easily after death rebirth there. 

In the same manner when we have a respawn anchor, after death you will spawn at the place where the anchor is located.

Now, you will not spawn at the over world which is your main dimension. You will rebirth at the nether near the anchor.

[Respawn Anchor] Some important points to know:

  • You cannot use a bed in the nether/end in place of the anchor because while setting the spawn point the bed and the area around it will explode.
  • Respawn Anchor cannot be used in the over world because while setting the spawn point the anchor and the area around it will boom.
  • It is important to recharge the anchor before using it. Glowstones are used to charge the anchor and on the full charge it can spawn you 4 times after you die, then you can recharge it again.
  • A diamond pickaxe or a Netherite can easily be used to broke and then pick the anchor.

Things that you need to make a respawn anchor in minecraft are:

Crying Obsidian : To make the anchor you need six crying obsidian but there is a question that where you can get it.

Let me first tell you that what is crying obsidian ?

Crying Obsidian is a type of Obsidian which is found in the nether and the overworld both which cannot be used to make nether portal but we can make respawn anchor and do some designing with it.

Where you can find Crying Obsidian In Minecraft?

Currently, there are two ways to find crying obsidian :

The first method is to create a new world and then find the nether ruins structure which is added in the nether update by Minecraft.

It looks something like this:

Via:- www.reddit.com

Sometimes you don't need to worry to find the structure but rarely it is kind of different to hard to find it.

You will find a lot of crying obsidian, some on the structure and some inside the chest will a lot of treasures.


The second method is to trade with the Piglins. 

This method is quite a bit easy if you have the required resources. 

All you need to do is to make a golden armor because piglins will attack if you don't have a armor of gold [any armor part made up of gold will work ex: boots, armor, helmet, leggings, etc.]

And the next thing that is required is gold ingots which you can have by mining and basin. Each ingot will provide you a different item that maybe: Quartz, Nether Brick, Crying Obsidian and a lot. It's a luck based game.

Go into nether > Insure that you have the armor of gold and gold ingots > Go near a piglin and click on barter > Collect The Item

Note:- Piglins can give you anything and because of that it might be possible that you'll get it in the first time or you may have to spend a lot.

Tip:- Try to spend more gold ingots at a same as well as trade a group of piglins.

Glowstone :- Glowstone is one of the easiest resource that can easily be found in the nether.

Visit Nether > Find Glowstone > Break it with any pickaxe > Collect glowstone dust > Arrange it in 2*2 Cell > Collect It

Now if you have all the resources then we are good to go:

Let's see

How To Make A Respawn Anchor In Minecraft?

Now, let us craft a respawn anchor:


  • Open the crafting table
  • Place Crying Obsidian Block in the top column and the bottom column
  • Fill Glowstone in the middle cell
  • Collect the respawn anchor and move it to your inventory

How to Use respawn anchor in Minecraft?

After making the respawn anchor, it is important to activate it and if you don't activate it, it will not work.

If you want to activate it then you just have to follow some simple steps:

  • Choose a place where you want to set your respawn point
  • Place the respawn anchor at that place
  • Be sure to have some Glowstone with you
  • Take Glowstone in one of your hands and click on anchor
  • Four glowstones are enough to charge the anchor
  • After doing it click on the anchor and set your respawn point

Note:- One Glowstone is equal to one birth and because of that after using it for four times, you have to recharge it.

Facts About Respawn Anchor:

  • You can charge a Glowstone by using a dispenser.
  • By setting the respawn point on the anchor in the Overworld, it will explode.
  • The respawn anchor produces light level of 15, 11, 7, or 3 with a mystical music.


In this article, we have covered a lot about the respawn anchor, it's uses and recipe and the two ways to gather crying obsidian.

Hope you like the article, you can comment your questions.
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