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Top Collection Of Minecraft Builds & Tutorials

This page is all about Minecraft Builds & Minecraft Tutorials. If you have made any type of Minecraft build or you are a digital Creator that either work on YouTube or Instagram, then you can list your own Minecraft Builds here.

You can search for the type of build that you want or you can even enjoy seeking at beautiful random builds.

Here're Some Builds Ideas By The Known And Unknown Creators Of Minecraft Community

Note: Our company do not claim any rights on builds you will see here and all the rights goes to the respective owners. All the builds are submitted to MCraftGuide Official after the approval by the creator which allows us to use them across different social media platforms and websites with credit to the creator. The intention of this page is to help emerging Minecraft Creators get attention.

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Survival Tent Tutorial

“A beautiful Survival Tent made completely for the people who love exploring new Minecraft locations and monuments. It has tutorial also that will help you make your own Survival Tent and you can even use different color wool to give it a nice new look.”

Required Materials:

  • Oak Slabs
  • Spruce Slabs, Stairs and Trapdoors
  • Spruce Fences and Fence Gates
  • Wool
  • Concrete and Concrete Powder

Shader : BSL — Made By Octo_Mc On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

Tent-Bunker Home

“A Simple Tent-Bunker Home for Survival players containing a beautiful campfire and modern bed inside of it with two lovely pillows.”

Required Materials:

  • Spruce Wood, Planks, Stairs, Trapdoors, Slabs, Buttons, and Fences
  • Campfires
  • Lanterns
  • Cobblestones, Stones, Andesites and Stone Bricks
  • And some interior decor materials - depends completely on player

Shader : BSL v7 — Made By Admirable Peasant On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

Wood Bridge Tutorial

“Here's a tutorial on how to build a wooden bridge in Minecraft. This bridge is really simple and can be made easily just by using wooden stuff and you can even try using different types of wood according to your choice.”

Required Materials:

  • Wooden Planks and Striped Logs
  • Wooden Slabs, Stairs, Trapdoors, Sign Board, and Fences

Shader : BSL v7 — Made By Heropixelsbt On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

Castle Tutorial

“A beautiful looking Castle Tutorial that is enough to show your strength and conditioning. The interior is not described because according to the creator you should come up with something amazing by yourself.”

Required Materials:

  • Stone Bricks and Stone Brick Stairs
  • Cobblestone
  • Dark Oak Fences
  • Lanterns
  • Andesite Slabs

Shader : BSL v7, Texture Pack: fWhips — Made By Dr.Red_builds On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

4 Street Lamp Designs

“These simple streetlamp designs are perfect for any type of world or map. You can craft them with minimum resource and also they look stunning.”

Required Materials:

  • Oak Fences, Slabs, Sign Board and Trapdoors
  • Lodestone
  • Stone Brick Wall
  • Lanterns

Shader: Sildurs Vibrant — Made By Minecraft.Perspective.yt On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

Survival Base Tutorial

“Here's a quick Survival Base Tutorial containing every single thing important for a perfect Minecraft journey. It is mostly made up of wood and contains a bedroom, one working station and is surrounded by beautiful flowers.”

Required Materials:

  • (Spruce & Oak) Wood Fences, Slabs, Stairs and Trapdoors
  • Cobblestone Block and Wall
  • Transparent Glass
  • Lanterns And other Decorative block

Shader: Default — Made By Goatofminecraft On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

4 Wall Designs

“Here's some cool looking wall designs perfect for every place and environment. If you want to go for something better than the normal Fences than these are designs that will work for you.”

Shader: Endurance Shaders [Mcpe] — Made By McBloodmoon On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

Compact Farm Tutorial

“A conservative, effectively expandable Farm Building! Develop and store your yields in a single spot. This manufacture is intended to be effortlessly recreated and developed for you to work in endurance. You can have a go at developing various yields in it and with legitimate shaders it looks extraordinary.”

Resource Pack: Stay True, Shaders: BSL Shaders — Made By Disruptive_builds On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

Custom Tree Tutorial

“Tutorial for Realistic Tree Design with roots. The 8th Position of the armor stand is used for this work. So practical you place 4 armor stands , upside down, on every long site and 4 armor stands, also upside down, onevery right corner. Thats it!”

Required Materials:

  • Leaves
  • Dinner bone Name Tags
  • Armor Stand
  • Andesite Wall, Cobblestone Wall and Stone Brick Wall

Shader: Default — Made By Theo_tries On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

Minecraft Ship Tutorial

“A beautiful ship design that is enough for someone who wanna start learn building in Minecraft. If you are a fan of ships or you have a Realm/Server where you play with your friends, than it can be a better idea for you to start building on there.”

Required Materials:

  • Oak Planks, Oak Stairs, and Oak Slab
  • Dark Oak Fences and Buttons
  • Grindstones
  • Quartz Planks, Quartz Stairs, and Quartz Slab
  • Red Concrete & Tripwire Hooks

Shader: BSL v7, Resource Pack: Steven’s Traditional 1.16 — Made By Kingley.mc On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

Survival Base Tutorial

“A good-looking Survival Base Made completely using wood that makes it so easy to build. It has four levels consisting different workspaces and a small farm on the top.”

Shader : Default — Made By Goatofminecraft On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

Minecraft Basalt Generator

“Basalt is a type of igneous rock found in the Nether. It was firstly introduced in the 1.16 Update (Nether Update) of Minecraft and is used as only a decoration block. Here's a tutorial that will help you make Basalt in Minecraft.”

Required Materials:

  • Blue Ice
  • Soul Soil
  • Lava Bucket

Shader: Endurance Shaders [Mcpe] — Made By McBloodmoon On Instagram, Member Of McraftGuide Builds Crew.

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